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December 29, 2009


December 18, 2009

Till Lindemann

I don't care about any opinions, but this is Till Lindemann. He is kewl ace.
Till, this is you. You are kewl ace.

December 17, 2009

zombie fascist

This is my recent work at current moment. Zombie fascist. Yes, like from "Dead snow" movie. And now i'm waiting for the new inspiration

The Bat

Some people can see there the bat. Big black bat. I dunno...

some funny patterns

The most popular subject in modern art. I'm not original exception, yep.

Cos I'm the law, kid

Illustration of vast part of answers on any question, yep.

helix #2

And one more helix. In ArtRage at this time.

Toy fay

This is a little suvenir fay, which was my gift for my girlfriend at Valentine day

rubber hedgehog

This was my fav toy in childhood - small rubber hedgehog. And this picture is my first test of ArtRage (very kewl soft)

first love

This is my first art in illustrator. This is begin of my love to vector :)

Photo paper

Justa some gel-pen on photo paper. Photo by Alex Chulkov.

front side

back side


One more old pic. It's one of the first too. And ball-mouse again :)


One of my first color works. Pencil and scanner at first, and then photoshop with ball-mouse.